Title: The Global Motherland
Organizations: Youth club “Our Little English” (Chelyabinsk, Russia), Gymnasia 23 (Chelyabinsk, Russia)
Proposal: Cultural Exchange Festival is planned in framework of Youth in Action programme
For a long time students and kids all over the world had no possibility to participate in international projects with the East and West countries. Feeling clearly just problems and achievements of the own countries, children didn't get the real information aboutlife styles of other countries and life of their peers there. Thus, the feeling of tolerance, mutual help and compassion were not brought up in children's souls in due time. The modern society gave them such possibilities. Children, the future generation of our planet, should live with the same thoughts, goals and cares about our future – about our Global Motherland.
International festivas will allow children from different countries meeting new friends. Besides during the international collaboration and informal communication participants get acquainted with culture of many countries presented at festival. Master classes and workshops where participants share their experience of the international interaction and receive the information about traditions and customs of many countries are included in festival plan realization. Collaboration in a frame of development of traditional crafts and national folklore will make a new outlook formation. Children will really expand their outlook. A combination of Experience and Creativity is a universal motivating method of new representations about world around, feelings of tolerance, mutual understanding and compassion formation.

Festival time is 1 week.
During the Festival time participants should  represent their countries creatively. During the festival collaboration different work platforms will be organized:
  1. Traditions and customs
  2. Holidays and festival
  3. Culture and art
  4. Life of teenagers
  5. Family education
  6. Folklore
  7. National dishes and clothes
Participants choose workshops in accordance with their wishes and interests. Everyone has an opportunity not only to participate in many master classes, but also make one of them.
Each platform work comes to an end with conclusion, an activity reflection, and an exchange of souvenirs.
All creative workshops should be prepared by participants independently during the preparation for the festival. The information about workshops posts in a festival blog , or is sent to organizers by e-mail not later than a month before the festival beginning. Besides, the discussion about possible suggestions is also organized in the blog .
Work within the frameworks of the given festival promotes association of people, feeling of unity and goodwill formation, love and friendship. Expansion of own outlook and frameworks of knowledge of the world creates new possibilities for self-realization of a real person, upbringing of better qualities of teenagers which will make the future generation of our planet!

Project Date: once a year
Duration: 1 week
Target Group: five 10-17 year old students and a teacher
Location: Russia / project partners countries


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