Wednesday, 12 October 2011

Action "Many a little..."

Nowadays in a modern society there are lots of peoples, styles of life and just languages at least. People often forget that all of us have a Global Motherland named mother Earth which suffers from wars and confrontations because of differences and misunderstandings. It is high time to reflect what we do and for what we do it, how it is possible to unite people in order to show them our global identity?
It is necessary to start working with a new generation, with these green sprouts of the world which are making the way through cruelty, indifference and laziness. That summer 15 year old students of a grammar school 23 invited and met foreign friends, Russian students have already organized master classes on a topic of international projects. ( )
After that there was a necessity to involve more volunteers to realization of peace ideas. Now pupils and parents of international communication club from a grammar school 23, Chelyabinsks, want to invite you to take part in the charitable action «Many a little …» which will become the beginning of annual actions within the limits of the international project the Global Motherland ( )
Main Goal: To collect means for the charitable fair in order to organize a winter youth international camp where aspects of such programs, as «Youth against hunger», «Children’s Rights», «Youth peace ideas» and youth international cultural exchange will be realized.
Children should communicate "eye to eye» to acquire such concepts as tolerance, mutual understanding, cooperation and FRIENDSHIP, to understand what an important part of this world they are!
Idea: To involve youth collectives, as well as just masters individually for handmade products realization in a frame of charitable fair organization. To organize a charitable concert for main goals achievement. All new ideas are just well forgotten old ones. Let’s remember « Fairs of solidarity »!
Organizers: «OLE club» members. Teachers-volunteers of a grammar school 23.
We will accept ANY handmade things with gratitude: paintings, sculptures, souvenirs, accessories, decor subjects, clothes, toys etc. All the volunteers will get special coupons with club symbolic which become invitation cards for the charitable concert.
Dates and time: Tuesday – Sunday (14.00 – 19.00) – means collection, video and a photo making, uploading all the materials and a photo of participants
Monday – Friday –fair and a charitable concert organization
Saturday – Sunday (11.00) – fair, a concert

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