Thursday, 30 December 2010

Greeting to all of the friends!

Hello everybody!
We're glad to see you here in our blog world! This Festival is a result of collaboration of two countries - Turkey and Russia. Hope to meet lots of new friends all over the world and invite everybody to join us. Please send us your e-mails and letters with your ideas, we'll add your address to the list of this blog moderators and you'll have an opportunity to upload the information about your country and team here! Our hearts are opened for all our friends!


  1. Hello,Dear Friends,Ragip and Olga & all others who wants to join us!
    I am Parvana from Azerbaijan Republic,Ismailly city ,teacher of English at a secondary school#1 named after I.Hasanov.
    First of all I want to thank you for your invitation!It is great Pleasure for me and my students to participiate in this Global Summit!
    We"ll have chance to share our education,culture,etc.I know that this Festival will give us more.
    My best regards,
    Parvana from Azerbaijan.

  2. All places are attractive and astonishing evoking enthusiasm on everybody to go and see them. It is a good idea to let students from different countries come together, get to know one another and share culture and traditions. We are looking forward to the summit day to meet our dear friends. It is a pleasure for us to take part in this summit and present our country- Sunny Azerbaijan. Thanks everybody who has trouble in the organization of this summit.
    We love our friends.
    Ruhiyye Mahmudova, Azerbaijan, Ismailly secondary school #1 named after I Hasanov.

  3. Dear Ruhiyye,
    thanks for your comment. Sure our students will find many new friends there as well as will have a chance of sharing their own life ideas, make cultural exchange and by getting involved in international collaboration will enrich their experience in a field of keeping native customs and traditions.