Friday, 4 February 2011

Just look around...

We are the children of the same Planet! Really, time to time again and again we hear this or that kind of the phrase. And it means that we should know, who and how lives nearby on the planet, in our global house named the Earth! If we're one big family, we have to help and support each other, especially those who need it most of all. Yes, each of us has achieved some life success, position in a society etc, but it doesn't mean that we have nothing to study more in this life. It is necessary just to look around, to see friends' faces, their sincere smiles, sparkling with happiness or full of hopes eyes, to feel the whole world participation in our own life and may be then we will necessarily understand: the world can keep just on LOVE and HARMONY, instead of force and fear! On purpose to realize this goal the Summit of a cultural exchange is organized which, we hope , becomes an annual meeting of people worldwide, ready to accept new and new friends in their friendly family!

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